The Digital Switchover for Personal Alarm Users

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  • Getting ready for the digital switchover
  • Benefits of digital telephone lines
  • What do you need to do

As you might already know BT is turning off their analogue telephone network (PSTN) and switching over to a faster digital system.

This change will affect everyone who uses a landline telephone and therefore will affect our customers since our Careline alarms are connected via the telephone network.

What is the digital switchover?

In 2017 BT announced that by the end of 2025 all analogue telephone lines will be upgraded to the new ‘Digital Voice’ service. This means that telephone calls will be carried over the internet using these digital lines.

Why switch to digital?

Currently, landline telephones use the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) which relies on copper wires to transmit voice signals. As the internet developed, people requested faster data transfer speeds, placing additional strain on the system.

The use of landline telephones for making phone calls is decreasing, and we are relying more on mobile phones.

The digital network known as the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) has mostly replaced the PSTN which is becoming more difficult and expensive to repair.

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The Benefits of Digital Telephone Lines for Careline Users

The new digital telephone network will enhance your telecare service in several ways, ultimately resulting in a faster, smoother, more reliable careline service for your residents.

Instant connectivity to the careline operator
As soon as you press your pendant you will be instantly connected to an operator. No more waiting for dial tones. You can save valuable seconds of time.

Faster response to emergencies
Operators will be able to assess you much more quickly, getting you the help you need with no delays. The connections are much quicker as it isn’t carried by physical wires.

Less costly
The new system uses Voice over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP). It allows us to make telephone calls via the internet, which is much cheaper (especially if calling internationally).

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What do I need to do?

Get in touch with your phone provider if you want to know when the switchover takes place in your area.

We recommend you following steps below if you have already been contacted by your phone or internet provider regarding the upcoming digital switchover:

  • Tell them you are a vulnerable client with careline alarm in your property
  • Ask to register with their Priority Service Register
  • Request a free 1 hour battery back up for your router in case of power cuts

You should be aware that an engineer may disconnect your alarm during the switchover. Request that they plug the alarm into the back of the router, so that alarm calls will continue to go through to our monitoring centre. Alternatively ask a family member or a loved one to help you.

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